Cleansing Conditioner at Home – Part 1

I must confess that I am an infomercial whore!  If you sell your crap on the TV at 3 in the morning you can almost guarantee that I have thought about buying it!  Which brings me to this evenings post; when I first saw the commercial for WEN, I was totally and completely intrigued and I just had to try it!  I hopped on QVC and bought a 4 pack and fell in love!  The cost however kept me from re-ordering and no matter how I attempt to justify the cost, I can’t bring myself to whip out the credit card!  So here we are Part 1 in the search for the perfect homemade (or semi-homemade) cleansing conditioner – I don’t want to use shampoo and I don’t want to pay a bazillion dollars to keep my tresses looking fab!

I’ve tried the “no-poo” method of baking soda and water/rinse with apple cider vinegar a couple times, my hair was nice after but the process sucks!  I want something with a little more bulk to it, something I can dig into – for some reason I love seeing the glop in my hands and you just don’t get that satisfaction with a liquid…   The other night I was talking to some peeps on Facebook about homemade whatnots for the house and looking through the WEN section on QVC when I decided to compare the ingredients of WEN to my Detangling solution from Matrix, oddly the Biolage has less ingredients but the ingredients it does have are the same as in WEN.

Attempt #1 at creating my own cleansing conditioner actually turned into more of a scalp cleanser… it did the job and well and to see how this affected my hair and my scalp I decided to go a day or two without washing my hair after using the cleanser – I am just past the 48 hour stage and while my curls are no longer pronounced and the ends are starting to show signs of frizz – my hair is still soft and clean!

Scalp Cleanser Goop

12 TBSP (slightly heaping) baking soda

8 TBSP (roughly) Matrix Biolage Detangler

2-4 TBSP water

Couple drops of EO of choice ( I used tea tree oil)

I threw the baking soda into a glad-ware container and enough water to form a very thick paste, added the detangler and then the EO and stirred.  Done!

While in the shower I wet my hair down really well, took a glob of this stuff and rubbed it all over my scalp – remember it’s your scalp that gets dirty not the length of your hair, so the scalp is where you should concentrate.  I scrubbed and then let the mixture sit for a few, grabbed a little more and put it on the length of my hair for comb through and grabbed my wet comb – well … the comb got stuck and I thought “Uh-oh, not good,” but I would be  wrong (which is a very, VERY rare occurrence), I rinsed the glop out of my hair completely and the comb went through my hair like a knife through hot butta baby!   My hair did feel like straw until it dried (baking soda will do that) – but once dried it was light as a feather, had a lot of body and was super, super soft!

So dear reader you can see that it worked out well, however it was still not exactly what I’m looking for – I want a cleansing conditioner similar to the WEN concept.  Tonight after a bunch of research and lame recipe ideas I think I have concocted a winner – we’ll see in a couple of days after seeing the after effects!



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